Of New Deal

Of New Deal yorkshire terrier kennel

I am Katalin Radvanszky the OF NEW DEAL kennel´s owner.
I live near Budapest with my family and dogs. I have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for approximately 25 years. During these years I became the lover as well as a judge and acknowledged breeder of this breed. I am extremely proud of my European and World Champion dogs as well as all the hobby dogs I sold to keep lonely people or families happy with the dogs' love and joy.

Breeding Yorkies means a continuous challenge for me because it is not easy to breed dogs with nice outlook, kind personality, good nerve system, health from all perspective and good anatomical structure at the same time. The beauty of breeding exactly lies in all this challenge. I have to develop, keep up with time and new things but also keep traditional values and useful know-hows as well. I really believe that the large amount of work will bring its own benefits and I think I have been successful in that. The best proofs are the numerous satisfied Yorkie-owners as well as the lot of Champion titles, the European and World Champion OF NEW DEAL Yorkies.

I honestly wish that the chosen dog of each owner should bring so many minutes of happiness as my own dogs have brought to me!